ŠTAMBUK 300 – the invite

ŠTAMBUK 300 – the invite

translated from the first Štambuk 300 invite in 2013 issued only in Croatian

Dear inhabitants of Selca and of Brač, members of the Štambuk family, and its

We gladly invite you to a whole day gathering of the Štambuk family


on Saturday, 10th of August 2013 in Selca on the island of Brač


on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the arrival of the first Štambuk
to Selca, our original nest, from where we
have scattered through our beautiful domicile, across Europe and further into
distant overseas lands

Morning program:

10:00 – holy mass in the church of Christ the King held by bishop Slobodan Štambuk
11:15 – music by the KUD brass band ‘Hrvatski sastanak’ and a group photograph in front of the church
11:30 – the unveilling of the plaque celebrating 300 years of the Štambuk family in Selca
12:00 – an exibition of stonemason’s tools (by Juro Čiča) and works in stone (by Bruno Mišin), photography, a

caricature poster by Davor Štambuk called ‘Lišo bez punta’ – the exhibitions will be held in the salon of
‘Hrvatski sastanka’ on the square from the 5th of August 2013 to the 15th.


A free afternoon (suggestion: sightseeing the old quarry of St. Mikula).


Evening program on the square:

20:00 – a welcome speech by the organizers and selected participants
20:15 – well known Štambuks of the 19th and 20th centuries (preseneted by Ivo Vuković)
20:30 – a brief presentation by the publisher of Davor’s caricature, ‘101 Štambuks’
20:40 – Štambuk geneology (presented by Dario) and a presentation of the booklet ‘Štambuk 300’
21:00 – mingling with music – entertainment hosted by Slaven Štambuk and guests

Organizer: the Stambuk Association with the help of the municipality of Selca and t.z.o. Selca

More details at www.stambuk.hr