Zagreb 2020 – in brief

Zagreb 2020 – in brief

A brief report on the event that was held on May 30th at Lukavec tennis center.

It was a wonderful day for the event as it was mostly clear and it wasn’t too hot. As well as our almost permanent and faithful attendees, this year, Vjekoslav and Tomislav Štambuk (father and son) from Pučišća (on Brač), who both live and work in Zagreb joined us. The association’s circle of acquaintances and members is slowly expanding.

At the start of the gathering, drinks and cakes welcomed the guests as they chatted. Tennis and football were played in the hall.

Veterans Miroslav and Matko pitted themselves against the younger Mladena and Maria in a game of doubles. Later, seniors and juniors played against their own age groups.

Time came for lunch, so tennis pair Mladen and Mario dropped their rackets and took on the tools for the job of manning the barbecue. A feast of grilled meat with side dishes followed.

After lunch began the singing. Anđelko, Boris and Gorislav played and sang songs from our youths, to everyone’s pleasure.

This get-together was perhaps the best we’ve had because we were all gathered in one place and we had enough time to get to know each other better.

This principle of an all-day gathering should be extended and organized in Selca as well, in order to establish closer contact with Štambuks that live there.

There are more pictures on the web!

President of the Štambuk Association

Mario Štambuk


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